BTHO Social

This page is to make you aware of where your association dues go ($) and the many volunteer things we accomplish to mitigate additional expenses.


Open pool (cover on cover off)

Hire pool manager $

Hire common area mowing service $

Mulch beds by pool $ done by Strongsville football team

Mulch beds by entrance $ done by Strongsville football team

Weed beds by pool

Weed beds by entrance

Trim bushes by pool

Trim bushes by entrance

Cut ornamental grass by the entrance



Remove dead trees in common ground $

Working on correcting common ground deeds

Fix carpenter bee and bird damage on the pavilion $ work will be done in 2019

Prevent future bee and bird damage $ work will be done in 2019

Remove graffiti from picnic tables

Fix the electrical wiring by the pool $

Sand and paint pool house doors (Spring 2019)

Removed old, broken basketball hoop at pool

Working on revising HOA bylaws